Clean Your Records With Glue

A Reddit user points out this trick used by record store employees that might not be well known to everyone. To clean your old, dirty records, pour a layer of glue on there, smooth out, let dry and peel off.

They recommend Titebond II, which is a wood glue, so I'm not sure every type of glue would work. Check on the internet first before you pour on whatever brand you have lying around the house.



    I would definitely use a soft drying glue like PVA as mentioned, otherwise you will ruin your vinyl. You can also use warm soapy water & a soft cloth/brush to clean your vinyl as well.

    Looks like a method for analog piracy lol. Yeah has to be PVA, pretty much anything else will either not be cohesive, it leave bits of itself in the tracks (eg glue stick types of glue) or dissolve the vinyl (eg like super glue on certain plastics)

    Please try this on a old unwanted record first. I did and decided the process was not for me. Tiny bits of glue were left on the record.

      Any bits of PVA left behind could be removed by soaking in water. Not by dipping the whole disc but by leaving the grooves under wet cloth for a good long time . Pva will always soften with moisture although most good ones will not actually dissolve. I believe the drying time is important as in ; too long=too hard to remove.

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