Stop Complaining About How Hard You Work

Stop Complaining About How Hard You Work
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“Ugh. I’m so overworked.” It’s such a common mantra that it could almost become a motto for some of us. However, complaining about how much you work rarely does anything but hide your problems or make you feel worse. So stop.

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As personal finance site Studenomics points out, complaining about work is usually pretty disingenuous. Either you have some free time and you’re complaining to somehow “justify” relaxing (which you don’t need to do), or you really are working too much and instead of complaining you need to chill out before you reach burnout. In either case, complaining doesn’t solve the problem.

First, you need to stop talking about how hard you work. Too many of my friends complain about work and how they’re stressed out. Nobody cares. Everyone works. Get over yourself. You don’t work hard enough. I’m calling you out because I see all of you slacking off and watching sports.

Of course, relaxing and enjoying your hobbies doesn’t necessarily mean you have to feel guilty about it. But if you have time to do things you enjoy, you have a good balance going, so complaining will only make you feel worse. If you find yourself complaining about how hard you work, take a look at your life and ask yourself why. Either take action or forget it.

How You Can Avoid Becoming Another Statistic With a Heartbreaking Story [Studenomics via Rockstar Finance]


  • I’m not the best with English but should “cold almost become a motto” be could? maybe someone is overworked 😛

  • Complaining about work is like commenting on the weather – we all know what the weather’s like, it’s just something to say to establish a common ground in conversation.

  • Sigh Ill do it then

    Erm harumph etc desk jockey some of us have no choice. What a shallow observation. Who the hell cleans ur office for the minimum wage and probably does a day job as well. Some people are trapped into situations they cannot get out of. So next time you get paid to poo (probably 30 minutes a day), playing with your cant live without puzzle games or polluting the air with stupid jokes in serious explanations that cover your insecurity complex. Have a shave take off your stupid cap and consider the world beyond your middle class , I’m a slacker so everyone else must be a slacker hipster doofus, view

    Remember your motto

    The truth is not slanderous

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