'Complaining Is Stupid. Either Act Or Forget'

This quotation comes from graphic designer Stefan Sagmeister and is a good reminder that sometimes we need to stop being angry, shut up, and actually do something.

Photo by Loke Yek Mang.

While I've been known to enjoy a good bitch session and I don't think that all complaints are bad, there comes a point when you're really just avoiding action. Just the other day, during the Apple WWDC event, I was talking to a friend who was frustrated with Apple's continued push to make their computers completely user-unserviceable. The conversation ended with me telling him to stop complaining and go and do something about it if it really matters to him.

If you care about what bothers you, you'll act. If you don't, you'll complain. It often comes down to that.

Things I have learned in my life so far [Amazon via Swissmiss]


    Complain AND act - do both. Complaining encourages other people to complain and/or act.

    The squeaky wheel gets the oil..!

      and by association, the other wheels also get some oil.. :)

        The proper saying is "The squeakiest wheel gets the most oil."
        That better Titsnass?

          Just looked it up on Wikipedia and they say "It is the squeaky wheel that gets the oil"
          Oh and tits is right too..! :)

    Accept what you cannot change, change what you cannot accept. Advice to live by.

      Only if you're realistic about what you cannot change. In reality *everything* which has been designed by humans (be it laws, products or behaviour) can be changed if there is enough incentive to do so. Sometimes that incentive only comes by enough people pushing for that change and that critical mass can be achieved by complaining. That way others who feel the same can join you (or you can join them) and do something about it.

      Alternatively you can follow the advice in the article and sit there, silently resenting the others who bitch and moan but ultimately get what they want when they coordinate their resources.

    Sometimes the only action you can take is to complain. Just make sure it's to a person/organisation who has the power to fix what you're complaining about - no good bitching about it to your mates.

    I don't agree. Sometimes complaining is about making sense of things. Its an important step in working out how to do things and what to do next.

    +1 for bitch session

    I think there should be a distinction - stop whinging to your friends and lodge a complaint with the company, which is the first step to a resolution (ie 'doing' something)

    All of you, stop complaining about complaining.

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