Stop Complaining About Your Computer Fan

You want noisy? Your computer isn't noisy. This clip features one of the Brocade core switches being used for the conference networking at being switched on for the first time.

It is extremely loud — and this is in a test and set-up scenario, not under the full pressure of constant network access by conference attendees. On the other hand (and as commenters below have also noted), you'd typically find this kind of gear in a data centre where other cooling technologies are in place.

The lesson either way? In networking, ear protection is vital.

Whisper silent [YouTube]


    Shit, those fans must be running at 5kRPM...

    I thought IBM servers were loud when being turned on for the first time after being unplugged...

      my guess would be closer to 10K+

    I don't really think this jet will fly without wings :(

    I would think for that amount of power and air throughput that a centrifugal fan would be used.
    They would be quieter for the same airflow I would expect - used a lot in factories.

    Yeah this isn't unusual for core routers/switches. The Junipers aren't all that quiet either

    Oh, and the simpsons quote is "It's whisper quiet" when Dr Nick is using the orange juicer. I had to.

    Its normal for rack server, my 1U xeon server is probably louder

    honestly, it belongs in a datacentre, who gives a shit how noisy it is?

    slow news day.

    Soz, couldn't hear the video over my computer fan.

    imagine going into the data centre for maintenance...

    That's probably about average for a core switch/router. Data-centres typically have buckets of ear-plugs at all the entry doors for this very reason.

    What kind of switch needs 4 PSU's? I mean I get having 2 or even 3, But 4 might be over kill if its only for redundancy.

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