Remember To Set Up Your Gadgets With Energy-Saving Features Turned On

Remember To Set Up Your Gadgets With Energy-Saving Features Turned On

There are a lot of ways to save energy, but some of the easiest ones are right in your electronics’ settings. When you buy new gadgets, remember to set them to save energy when you first configure them.

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The US Natural Resources Defence Council explains that today’s electronics consume more energy than those of the past, but there’s an easy way to keep your power bills down (and help save energy at the same time). Here’s are some of their tips::

  • Set your television to the “home” or “standard” screen setting instead of “vivid” or “retail”. The latter two settings are too bright for your home, and use much more energy.
  • Let your computer sleep without a screen saver or slideshow.
  • Get an Energy Star router or modem.
  • Stream movies through Apple TV or Chromecast rather than game consoles. The consoles use much more energy.

A few simple choices can save energy and save you money on your power bill. See what else you can do below.

New Electronics Gifts for the Holidays? Make Simple Fixes So They Don’t Cost You Year-Round [NRDC via Consumerist]


  • If you don’t need access to alternate profiles, the Wii U is a great option for streaming. Power consumption is much closer to a Chromecast/Apple TV than other game consoles.

  • I have a master/slave power board and my plasma TV drains so much on stand-by that the power board never turns off. Turning it off at the wall when not in use has made a noticeable saving.

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