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To reverse a popular Coles refrain, electricity prices in Australia are going "up, up, up" with seven out of 10 Australian households paying too much for electricity. To help you save, Choice have launched a new tool known as the Choice Transformer that can save consumers, on average, around $500 a year.


With USB-C becoming a default standard for connectivity and charging, there's no shortage of new accessories hitting the market. Belkin's Belkin USB-C Charger delivers 45W of juice - which is more than what many of the chargers that ship with today's notebook computers and tablets offer - in an attractive body that undercuts the price of replacements from many big companies.


On Christmas Day in Australia, fewer people are at their paid employment and more working premises are closed than on any other day in the year. How does this affect demand for electricity, widely seen as fundamentally associated with economic activity?


iOS: It used to be that when I went out late in the city, I'd play a rousing game of "How long can I keep my phone alive so I can listen to music on the way home?" I would throw my phone into aeroplane mode, turn the brightness down, and hope it would last until I made it back to my apartment.

Apple has since improved the way it handles battery life, though it doesn't do everything it could to ensure your phone stays on. There are a few more tricks of the trade you can use to keep your iPhone alive as long as possible. Here are nine foolproof options.


It sometimes seems as if AA batteries breed when left alone in dark drawers around the house. As children rip them out of toys as they run out of juice the dead ones without charge get mixed up with the new ones. And somehow a working battery tester or multi-meter is never to hand to test them (and may even have had its batteries purloined for use in something else).