Make YouTube Comments More Bearable With Hide Fedora

No one wants to taint their YouTube viewing experience by indulging in the comments. Sometimes however, the often hate-filled litany can contain links to other, interesting videos that you’d otherwise miss. While there’s no sure-fire way to cleanse YT’s comments section from your browser, you can at least filter out some of the garbage using an extension called “Hide Fedora”.

As you may have guessed from the name, the Firefox and Chrome plug-in blocks or modifies so-called “Fedora” comments, which usually arrive via a certain section of the Reddit community. As Martin Brinkmann over at gHacks explains, the add-on has expanded its functionality to block other undesirable opinions and can be customised by users to check for keywords and even specific profiles.

When a match is found, the add-on can be configured to outright hide comments, or replace them with cats in hats, if you’re looking to inject some cuteness into your YouTube experience.

Hide Fedora is certainly not a silver bullet, but it goes some way to making the comments section on YouTube videos less awful.

Hide Fedora [Official site, via gHacks]

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