Falcon Pro Returns To The Play Store With Columns, Multi-Account

Android: Falcon Pro has been our choice as the best Twitter client for a while, but Twitter hasn't made it easy. After some trouble with authentication tokens, Falcon Pro was removed from the Play Store. It's back now, with a vengeance — or at least in-app purchases.

The new version contains multi-account support which was around before, but many users weren't able to try it out due to the authentication problem. Now you have a second chance. It also has a slick new UI, updated for Android 5.0.

The free version is a limited trial, but you can pay $4.90 to unlock the full app. There's also a $2.45 charge per extra account added, which is disappointing, but presumably being partially used as a deterrent to users who would claim tokens and then never use them again.

Falcon Pro 3 [Google Play Store via Android Police]


    Surprised this has been recommended. In its current state its somewhere between a demo and a rip-off.

    There are no settings, so you can't adjust notifications. There are no messages. And you can't mute/block users. It's basically just a nice-looking timeline tool.

    Worst part though is the in-app purchasing; I had no idea so much was missing until I'd paid to unlock the app, but because of the way I paid I couldn't get a refund from Google.

    Quite surprised it's being recommended too... given the low 3.1 score... and the older Falcon Pro that I paid for has been pulled from the store too... which means I can't install it on my new Android devices...

    Not a cool developer!

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