Talon Is A New Feature-Packed, Customisable Twitter App For Android

Falcon Pro is still our favourite Twitter app for Android, but the whole Twitter token debacle means good alternatives are in order. Talon gives you all of the features that make a Twitter app worth looking at, such as customisable themes, in-line media and video support, a built-in browser and YouTube video player, support for landscape and portrait mode, customisable text and text sizes, the option to mute individual users or set “do not disturb” so you can get some work done, a home screen widget, support for DashClock and more.

Sure, the app offers light and dark themes and layout options, but it also has a developer-friendly theme engine so you can build your own. You can switch to the Hangouts-style layout if you prefer, making it fit right in with other Google apps on your phone. All in all, if you’re still on the hunt for a solid Twitter app, Talon is worth a try. It will set you back $2 over at Google Play, with the price being a low barrier to entry to keep the app shy of the 100,000 user mark (so they don’t run out of tokens). If you like it, it’s worth a look.

Talon for Twitter ($2) [Google Play via Droid Life]

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