Facebook Will Now Start Weeding Out Potential News Feed Hoaxes

Facebook Will Now Start Weeding Out Potential News Feed Hoaxes

Ever seen a false or misleading story shared on your Facebook news feed? Now you can you can help make it easier for others to know it's a scam — and avoid spreading misinformation online yourself.

In a news update, Facebook says it will now take into account the number of people flagging a post as false and then distribute those posts less, as well as annotate posts with a message saying that many people have reported it.

Facebook isn't removing the posts reported as fake altogether or checking their accuracy. However, the new approach should reduce the number of people being duped by fake celebrity death hoaxes and ludicrous claims about copyright. Thanks, Facebook.

News Feed FYI: Showing Fewer Hoaxes [Facebook]


    Terrible news for Homeopathy and the Anti-Vaccers.

    Yessssss! If I never see another "By posting this on my wall, I hereby.." post, I'll be over the moon.

    I did see a reduction in "He ate a sandwich. What happens next will leave you speechless! I'm amazed!" posts, but they're coming back.

    Somebody needs to create a Chrome / Firefox extension that can analyse the contents of a picture / post and let you filter out "someecards", "A grandparent is someone who.." and "ITS NOT CITIZENS DAY ITS AUSTRAYLIA DAY!!!!!!!!!!" posts and pages

      Wait!!! What sort of sandwich was it?

        To continue, please sign in with Facebook and like this page: http://facebook.com/davidgrayphotography

        Which sandwich and what happened next will be disclosed once you also buy a print from here: http://davidgray.photography

    Unless it's changed since I last used it almost every post on Facebook could be flagged as being "annoying or distasteful".

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