Facebook Is Rolling Out Tools To Report Fake News And Hoaxes

Fake news has been a big talking point the last few weeks, and today, Facebook's finally rolling out tools to help you report fake news so that it doesn't continue to spread.

Moving forward, you'll see an option to report any link as fake under the reporting dropdown. When you do so, third party fact checkers will check out the post, and if it's decided the post is fake, the link will get flagged as such. Time will tell how effective this is, but it should be rolling out to users soon.

News Feed FYI: Addressing Hoaxes and Fake News [Facebook]


    Wow! This is actually a decent step forward. Gonna make it less fun for Parody Sites like 'The Onion' to pass off as real and get people who forget 'The Onion' is a Parody News Site to spam the Comment Section, but otherwise this is great! GG, Facebook.

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