Cloud Patches: AWS Virtual Machines, Google Private Docker, Where’s Azure?

Cloud Patches: AWS Virtual Machines, Google Private Docker, Where’s Azure?

The latest updates and additions for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform.

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  • The AWS System Center Virtual Machine Manager, which lets you manage AWS instances from with Microsoft’s System Center platform, scored several updates last week. The big additions? The ability to import an on-premises VM into EC2 and to launch new EC2 instances.
  • While there was lots of Microsoft news last week surrounding Windows 10 and holographic computing, virtually nothing was said about the role Azure will play in the expanded platforms. We’d assume that some of the offline processing for the HoloLens VR viewing will be handled by Azure (just as Xbox uses the service for some game rendering features). One to keep an eye on.
  • Google Cloud Platform has introduced Google Container Registry, a service designed to host, share and manage private Docker content repositories. There’s no extra charge for the service during the beta period (though you’ll still pay relevant storage and network fees).
  • Azure Search Suggestions have been enhanced to provide more useful responses, including the ability to match infixes (text within a phrase, rather than just the opening characters of a phrase). Unsurprisingly, to implement these you’ll need to rebuild the index on any apps that use Search Suggestions.
  • A new option for AWS EC2 allows you to automatically recover an instance is a system check for on the underlying hardware fails. Right now, the option only works in the US East region, but Amazon says other regions will get the option “as quickly as possible”.
  • AWS Trusted Advisor has added Action Links, which go directly from Trusted Advisor alerts to the relevant part of the Management Console . An obvious but useful addition.
  • Having been released as a beta back in October, Local SSD for Google Cloud Platform is now generally available. The service offers dedicated access for VMs to up to 4 SSD partitions.
  • Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP) 2.2. is now available on Google Cloud Platform. Read more in the announcement post.

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  • Thank you for the detailed round up of the various cloud developments. One trend that I am seeing is how on-premise infrastructure is starting to acquire cloud-like properties with the maturity of hyper converged infrastructure, and as improvements in software and infrastructure is making it easier than ever to roll out new services these days–No more of the 3-months long request-approve-vendor quote-purchase-wait-deploy (You get the point) cycles of the past. I suppose we have the cloud to thank for that! 🙂

    Paul Mah, commenting on behalf of IDG and EMC.

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