Briefly: Neighbours From Hell, Target Vs. Gamers, RIP Ralph Baer

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers, including: Instagram account outs worst neighbours ever, GTA V ban heats up, win a Street Fighter 2 arcade machine .

  • Neighbors From Hell is an Instagram account that collects hilarious social media exchanges between warring neighbours. Click here for some of the highlights.
  • Attention retro gamers: Kotaku and Madman Entertainment are giving away a Street Fighter 2 arcade cabinet valued at $3550! Click here for details on how to enter.
  • You can currently get $10 off a $50 spend at Dick Smith when you sign up to its "Mates Rates" service in-store. Click here for details.
  • Quick-Time Events (AKA QTEs) are a much-maligned video game mechanic that requires the player to press a series of buttons in correct order to progress. They're usually terrible, but it doesn't have to be that way. Here's Kotaku take on how to make the formula work.
  • Ralph Baer — AKA the “father of video games” — has passed away at the age of 92. Baer was the man behind the first ever video game console; the Magnavox Odyssey which hit stores in 1972. Kotaku has a fascinating insight into the man's legacy.
  • So you may have heard that Grand Theft Auto was recently pulled from sale by Target due to its depictions of violence against women. In response, irate gamers are petitioning the retailer to ban other violent products, including the Bible and 50 Shades Of Grey. Is this a clever riposte to Target's video game hypocrisy? Or are gamers just being stupid again? According to Gizmodo, it's the latter.


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