Briefly: Game Of Thrones Ebooks For $2, The Life And Times Of 4Chan, More Spectacular Cosplay

Brief news items of note for Lifehacker readers including: Get George R R Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire ebooks for $2 apiece, the best and worst things 4Chan gave the world, Humble Bundle PC game deals.

  • The Kindle editions of George R R Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire series (AKA Game of Thrones) are currently selling on Amazon for 0.99 GBP each (around $1.70). That's a saving of nearly $14 per book. [Via OzBargain] See also: Get Your Game Of Thrones Fix With These Similar Works Of Fiction
  • Controversial imageboard website 4Chan celebrated its 10th anniversary today. To mark the historic occasion, Gizmodo assembled a list of all the noteworthy things the 4Chan community have been responsible for over the past decade — from the good to the despicably bad. Click here for the lulz
  • Every time we link to one of Kotaku's cosplay galleries, we promise ourselves it will be the last time. But then the next batch appears and it's always too amazing not to share. This time around, there's a surly Skyrim hoard, a frighteningly realistic GLaDOS and a beautiful Princess Mononoke (who isn't a video game character, but whatevs.)
  • A new Humble Bundle has been released for PC gamers which allows purchases to pay whatever they want (down to a minimum of $1). This time around the spotlight is on Nordic Games' esteemed back-catalogue, including Red Faction: Armageddon, Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, The Guild 2 and Neighbours From Hell Compilation. You can divvy up your payment between the developer, publisher and charities the American Red Cross or Child's Play. Click here to head to the deal.


    The George R R Martin story is just wrong:
    1. Its £1.99, not $1.99.
    2. You can't buy from Amazon UK unless you use a proxy server and buy some Amazon gift cards.

      I buy from Amazon UK all the time with my Australian Visa Debit =/

      Unless you mean the digital only stuff?

        Yeah, I meant the ebooks. Regional restrictions.

          Ah right, got ya. I don't buy from that part so yeah haha.

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