Lifehacker Awards 2014: Nominate Your Favourite Takeaway Food Chain

Lifehacker Awards 2014: Nominate Your Favourite Takeaway Food Chain

For our second round of Lifehacker Awards 2014 nominations, we’re turning to a perennial favourite category: fast food. Which chain had you salivating the most often in 2014?

We’re not here to judge: we’re here to celebrate. So whether you’re a Maccas fan, a KFC tragic, a Subway slimmer or a Domino’s devotee, give us suggestions for our shortlist in the comments.

Throughout this week, we’ll be asking for your nominations in additional categories relating to technology, organisation and productivity. Keep visiting the site every day to see when you can nominate your favourites, and make sure you’re back when voting starts on Monday 1 December.

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      • Have you been to Maccas lately?
        they have taken off the $1 chips and $2 burger option, might as well go to Grill’d now

    • Grill’d is overpriced crap. Every time I walk past the place, I feel like walking in and kicking the chairs over. Idiots sitting around eating $15 muffin sized burgers and feeling good about themselves because they’re not at McDonalds. If I want a good burger, I make it myself. Occasionally, though, I find an old-fashioned, independent milkbar in a random country town that makes those brilliant old-fashioned burgers from your childhood (if you’re over 40). Much better than the crap you get at Maccas, HJ’s or Grill’d.

      • It’s a $10 burger. Macca’s gets away with the perception of value, because their combos are cheap (fries and syrup costs them next to nothing). The burgers themselves are within spitting distance of Grill’d’s in price. Even more if you’re using their new custom menu.

        If I want a good burger, I make it myself.

        I guess the concept of fast food is lost on you. Yeah, let’s fire up the grill every time I feel like a burger. And I suppose you carry a portable grill in those deep pockets of yours, since you can make a burger on-the-go each time you feel like a snack.

        I find an old-fashioned, independent milkbar in a random country town that makes those brilliant old-fashioned burgers from your childhood

        Yes. Because this is somehow an option for most people. Take off the nostalgia goggles, those burgers were no better or worse than fast-food offerings. They were Tip Top buns, Heinz sauce and Woolies patties. Oh, and because they don’t benefit from a chain’s economy of scale, they’re no cheaper than any other chain either. Now go tell those kids to get off your lawn.

        • If I want a decent hamburger, I make it myself. If I want fast food, I don’t order hamburgers. At least not from the chains. What’s so hard to understand?

          As for old style takeaway burgers, I distinctly said occasionally I still find good hamburgers from those takeaways that were more prevalent a couple of decades ago. And as a connoisseur of a good burger, I’m not talking about the Tip Top bun varieties either. I’ve been to Grill’d a few times, and their burgers do not compare. I’m sorry if you’ve had a different experience, but that does not define reality for everyone else.

    • grill’d has lost its way, while some of the company owned stores are ok, i am yet to eat at a franchise and not feel cheated. The meat portions seem tiny and are often cooked wrong.

      Overall it used to be a true gourmet style burger made quickly, now it seems like an upspeced fast food budger.

  • My nomination to Schnitz this year. The chips are amazing.

    Nandos clucked up this year on too many fronts, especially technology as their rewards app crashed and burn to never resurface.

  • I would have to say Dominoes only because they have been picking up their game in terms of decent product at a good price.

    Maccas would have slipped in my preferences it has gone backwards in service (speed and accuracy) and the menu is as stale as a Red Rooster roll.

    KFC may have gone up in preference for the double >.<

    I’d probably say Salsa’s or gomez y guzman are rated as my number 1 in take away food quality.

    mmm food..

  • 1, McDonald’s
    2, Nando’s
    3, Grilld
    4, KFC

    Special Mention – Kingsley’s Chicken, a Canberra institution and the god of all takeaway. Canberra only though.

    • oh sh*t! snag stand! i forgot about them when i put my vote in. their american hot dog….thing of dreams. they are real real good. nice one brother.

  • Subway is usually pretty good value, although the interrogation when ordering can be a little tiring.

  • Tao restaurant.

    Yes ok, they aren’t burgers but they do takeaway and there is more than one (in Perth) so they’re a chain.

    They do the best takeaway bun bo hue EVA!
    In fact all their takeaway (that I’ve tried) is as good as their sit down meals (Innaloo store).

  • I would say KFC, but their god awful, unenthusiastic staff bring the whole company down, so not them.
    I would say Hungry Jacks, but their staff members are even worse than KFC’s, so nope.

    So I’m gonna say Maccas. The food doesn’t taste as good as KFC’s or Hungry Jacks (IMO), but at least it’s always pleasant to go there because their staff are always (around here at least) friendly and happy and aren’t plotting your murder just for coming up to the counter.

  • KFC because the app is awesome. I order and pay before I get there, and fast food is fast, again.

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