Lifehacker Awards 2013: Nominate Your Favourite Takeaway Food Chain

Lifehacker Awards 2013: Nominate Your Favourite Takeaway Food Chain

Last category for the Lifehacker Awards nominations. To close, we want to know what your favourite takeaway food chain is.

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We scrutinise Australia’s takeaway industry regularly via our Takeaway Truth and Taste Test investigations. However, for the awards we’re all about praise. From burgers to pizza to chicken to wraps to whatever, tell us which chain you favour the most, and we’ll make sure all the best are included when voting begins next week.

Give us your nominations, and make sure you’re back when voting starts next Monday across all 10 categories.


  • Ali Baba. Actually tastes like food. As my kids get older (all teenagers now), they are preferring this to other mainstream takeaway options. Not sure that it is healthier – but it certainly is tasty.

  • Have to be a toss up between Subway and Grill’d. The first for the quick nutritious lunch and the second for the best burgers around which take a bit longer to prepare!.

  • Don’t know how you’re all voting for Nando’s. It’s overpriced, junky, and poorly cooked food that pretends it’s fancier. The last two times I’ve been there with colleagues I’ve ordered extra extra hot chicken to find it with almost zero flavour.

    My vote goes to Zambrero. If you like burritos and you haven’t been there, go. Way better than Guzman y Gomez/Tex Mex/Salsa’s. and cheaper too.

    • +1 for oporto
      also hungry jacks, theyve had some really great stuff this year, and Maccas seems to be playing catch up

  • The problem with something like this to me is that it just varies so wildly since ALL these chains more or less are franchises, and even if they aren’t – there’s still no guarantee they care about what they do at all..

    Like a lot of people recommending Subway – but from my past two years of subway, I am literally sickened by subs…

    I also agree with @popolopolous – Nando’s is basically a marketing illusion at this point.. It’s really subpar for the price in every location I visit, with huge wait times..

    My votes, free of needlessly trying to avoid ‘the big three’ which nobody above has even mentioned in a negative sense as though a few

    1. Bucking Bull for their gravy and their roast meat. This stuff WILL kill you, but until then, it’s all gravy baby. KFC a very close second, but unfortunately for them, not EVER with their own food.. How sad.

    2. Mcdonalds for their cheeseburgers. Which should be nominated every year simply out of tradition. Simple sugar laced death. Anyone who says they have NEVER enjoyed one of these, even when drunk, is probably lying to themselves.

    3. HJ’s for their newer range of chicken burgers which are INCREDIBLY sweet/sugary – but also very delicious. Even better in Indonesia. Zomg.

        • I don’t need to be stopped I’m on a roll!!!

          to be fair, I don’t eat the ‘cheese’ they put on any maccas burgers, Or from any fast food joint for that matter.

          • As bad as this is…. I actually love that cheese so damn much and find it so crap that there’s just no possible way to buy it anywhere else. :

          • I’ve heard from a few people that the American cheese at Costco in the 100+piece packages come pretty close to maccas. Might be worth a try if you haven’t invested already!

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