Lifehacker Awards 2014: Nominate Your Favourite Note-Taking Software

The Lifehacker Awards 2014 nominations are heading into the final stretch. This morning, we're wondering: what's your preferred note-taking software?

Maybe you're an Evernote fiend. Perhaps you're an Outlook guru. Perhaps Vi still owns your heart. Or perhaps your phone's native app is all you need. Tell us which apps deserve to be on our shortlist in the comments.

Throughout this week, we'll be asking for your nominations in additional categories relating to technology, organisation and productivity. Keep visiting the site every day to see when you can nominate your favourites, and make sure you're back when voting starts on Monday 1 December.

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    A pen and paper generally, but if we have to go digital I've become very fond of writing Markdown in Vim.

    Google Keep.
    Evernote is great too, but lacks the integration that Keep has.

    Evernote all the way. It was the first on all platforms (computer and smartphone) and is constantly improving. And it has plugins for everything else (Outlook, Chrome, etc).

    There's two that I use religiously. For work I use OneNote - nothing better imho. Can copy pics/text/html/etc all in and it's auto-saved. I use it to write up minutes for meetings, write up short how-to's and document everything - then hit email to email the whole thing to someone.

    For personal use I use google keep - use it to store shopping lists, dimensions, products, can take photos of something and attach notes, todos, etc.

    Trello for checking things later and for lists.

    Evernote for clipping pages and sorting projects in detail.

    Livescribe for capturing physical information into digital, which will then live in Evernote.

    Depending on my task

    1. Notepad/ Pen - for Brain dumps and general planning
    2. Evernote - for all Digital capturing and archiving of information
    3. Asana for my work projects - I integrate most of my clients onto this platform as well where appropriate.

    Evernote all the way, and sometimes Keep from time to time for just basic notes.

    1. - for note taking on the go
    2. - for organizing and custom trackers
    3. - for long form notes

    Texthaven ... all notes saved as plain text in Markdown format.

    (Disclosure: I wrote Texthaven)

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