What Are The Most Stressful Professions In Australia?

What's the most stressful career path to choose in Australia? According to a recent Roy Morgan study, sales support workers are more likely to experience stress than any other broad group.

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Close to half (48.3%) of sales support workers have experienced stress in the past year, according to the study. Next up were hospitality workers (37.7%), legal, social and welfare professionals (35%), carers and aides (34.6%) and health and welfare support workers (33.9%).

The common denominator across all those occupations appears to be dealing with other people who are also stressed, whether that's for career, health or personal reasons. If stress is a hassle for you, check out our guides to how stress happens and reducing stress for busy people.


    Not surprising that sales support and hospitality take out the top two spots. Anything where you have to deal with the idiocy that is the general public is incredibly stressful.

      Agreed. They just dont give a crap about how they treat you and are teaching their kids the same way.

      " My thing has stopped working and it's all your fault!"

    High school teaching has a very high workers compensation rate for stress

      Got a friend who is a high school teacher and has had to take stress leave couple times because of the kids he has to teach. Then when he calls the parents in to interview them, they just as bad and just say, deal with it.

    Very surprised teaching isn't on this list...

    Hospitality workers only 37.7%? I think thats the understatement of the year, particularly Head Chefs

    This seems a rather restricted group of "professions" and doesn't include many I would have thought would have encountered high stress on a regular basis e.g: combat soldier, firefighter, oil rig worker, commercial diver, ship deckhand, journalist, etc. Or perhaps these are the type of people that just get on with it and don't complain.

    Wheres Security Services on there.???? its stressful dealing with "really? theres an alarm going off" let alone clubs and drunk people

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