Vidgets Adds Loads Of Widgets To The iOS Notification Center

Vidgets Adds Loads of Widgets to the iOS Notification Center

iOS: iOS 8's new widgets are a great way to make Notification Center more useful. Vidgets is an app that allows you to add information such as world clocks, device status and GPS information to your Notification Center.

Vidgets is a freemium app, and the only widgets you get access to in the free version are for battery life and clocks. The $3.79 pro version unlocks storage capacity, memory usage, GPS usage, a calendar, a timer and weather. Unfortunately, when you tap the information, it won't take you to an app, but it's nice to have the details right there in Notification Center. The free version is a bit crippled, but the Pro version includes a few widgets that are surprisingly handy to have around.

Vidgets (free/$3.79) [iTunes App Store via TUAW]


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