Launcher Now Supports Multiple Widgets In Notification Center

iOS: Launcher is one our favourite app launchers on iPhone, and today it's getting a lot better with support for multiple widgets in the Notification Center. This means you can jam a ton of actions into your Notification Center. Launcher now allows you to create up to five sets of widgets in Notification Center, each with their own set of launchers. If you haven't used Launcher before, it's a clever app that lets you tap an icon in the Notification Center to go to a specific part of a specific app. This includes stuff like getting directions home in Apple Maps, sending a text to a specific person or even opening up the Bluetooth settings. Aside from the new multiple widget options, you can now set Launcher to show or hide widgets based on the time of day or your location. This is great if you want to set up one list of actions for when you're at home, another when you're at work and another when you're at the gym. The shortcuts take a little while to get used to and to think of ideas for how to use them, but once you do, they're extremely useful.

Launcher (Free/$4.49 IAP) [iTunes App Store]


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