How To Toggle First-Person View In Google Maps Navigation

How to Toggle First-Person View in Google Maps Navigation

Many people don't realise this, but Google Maps navigation has two views: a first-person view (where the arrow faces forward at all times) and a map view, which shows a more traditional map and rotates the arrow. If you've somehow gotten stuck on the second, here's how to go back to regular navigation.

Some of you may know this already, but now that I've seen a few people get "stuck" on the map view (shown below) without knowing how to get back to the first-person view (shown above), I figured it was worth sharing this tip.

How to Toggle First-Person View in Google Maps Navigation

Just tap the compass icon in the corner! This should switch you to the first-person navigation view that — in most cases — is much easier to use (especially while you're driving). If you prefer the map view in any scenario, you can just tap the compass icon again to go back.

Again, this may be old hat to some of you, but it's kind of a "hidden" feature that's very easy to accidentally toggle if you don't know what it does. Hope this helps some folks out there.


    Wouldn't that be third person view? I mean if gaming has taught me anything.

      I concur. I would call the two views third-person, and bird's eye.

    Legends! I dead-set thought that an update must have removed the 3D style view! Legends!

      Odd. I use it almost daily and I've not seen any changes in the way it displays the map.
      That toggle has always been there.

    OH GOD YES. I was one of those stuck people. This is one of the best tips I've seen here.


    The earth goes around the sun.

    2019 and hitting the compass still works to fix this, the only difference is it is not on your usual map screen. To access the compass hit the hamburger menu button then hit Start Driving, this brings up a screen with the compass.

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