Dolph Lundgren Shows Lifehacker How To Break People

Today we caught up with action movie demi-god Dolph Lundgren who was in town to promote Optus' new "Switch" offerings. During his visit, Dolph agreed to show off some hand-to-hand combat techniques for beginners.

This video demonstrates how to fight your way out of a variety of situations — from escaping a strangulation attempt to taking down an aggressive drunk.


    I want to fight Chris Jager!

    I think that's a fight even I can win.

    Lol, that was great. Dolph seems like a nice guy, as a kid I loved him as He-Man in Masters of the Universe.

    I wonder how many pairs of undies Chris went through while filming this segment.

    I love that he has a Masters in Chem Engineering from USyd. Such a top dude.

    He can also smell crime.

    He appears to be demonstrating basic Wing Chun, slightly modified (or bad technique, depending on your view).

      His base style is Kyokushin but he worked as a bouncer in Australia and the US and I'm sure he's trained numerous styles simply through being an actor so you may be right. It's probably an eclectic mix of techniques he's picked up.

    Dolph Lundgren is one of my idols. I think I would have fainted so Chris Jager is a stronger man than I am.

    Unless he got all the fainting out of the way before the video was shot. Which I hope is what happened.

    Krav Maga ftw!


      runs like hell

      Dolph's awesome. He's in pretty good nick for an old bloke too. (Understatement)

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