Pages Has A Hidden Steve Jobs Easter Egg

Apples’ Pages word processor is free for most Mac owners now, but still not that great (give us Word or Google Drive any day, thanks). But it does have one hidden feature that Apple enthusiasts can enjoy: the full text of Apple’s “here’s to the crazy ones” ad campagn and Steve Jobs’ commencement speech for graduates at Stanford in 2005.

The speech is stored in a text file in one of Pages’ sub-directories. Here’s how to locate it.

  • From Finder, type Command-Shift-G to bring up the Go To Folder window, then paste in this address: /Applications/
  • Open the file in this directory named “Apple.txt”.

Simples! For even more Easter eggs that every platform can enjoy, check out our roundup of Google Easter eggs.

A Famous Steve Jobs Speech Is Hidden on Your Mac [OS X Daily via Cult of Mac via Business Insider]


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