Killer Interview Question: What Has The Most Satisfying Moment In Your Life Been?

Killer Interview Question: What Has The Most Satisfying Moment In Your Life Been?

A broad but challenging addition to our killer interview questions collection: What has the most satisfying moment in your life been?.

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This is a question you’ll often encounter in interviews. There are obvious glib answers like “When I got married/had kids”, but that tells the employer nothing about you. A better choice might be a specific accomplishment related to your job: finishing your degree, setting up a blog about your career interest, or reaching a key target at work. But don’t make that last one too specific to your current job — make sure it relates to your new hoped-for role as well.

How would you answer the question?

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  • “Uh… does it have to be PG-13?”

    “Ahem. We meant work-life. Most satisfying moment in your career.”
    “Uh… my question still stands.”

  • Off the top of my head, nailing a good fighter with a roundhouse followed by a spinning back kick in the state titles for jujutsu, twice! And then slamming him into the matt with a hip throw and submitting him.

    Really? Having my kids.

    Really, really? Finishing my first film. That was really tough. Done another since then and currently writing the 3rd. Feels good.

    Oh and running my own business for 10 years was pretty cool, until I had some kind of mental breakdown at the end. Until yr 8 it was all roses though.

  • When my artillery battery grouped 10 consecutive rounds on an enemy formation, destorying it.

  • Yesterday, when I noticed a badge maker in the office and proceeded to make smiley face badges and hand them out to all my coworkers. Just because it was Friday :-). Obviously, there’d be other satisfying moments in my life, but that’s the most recent so it has the most resonance with me right now.

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