Killer Interview Question: What's The Most Frustrating Part Of Working Here?

A reverse take on our usual killer interview questions collection, with an interesting query you could throw at a potential boss: What's the most frustrating part of working here?.

Frustration picture from Shutterstock

Avery Fisher, president of Remedify, suggested this question in a roundup for LinkedIn, noting that to even ask it demonstrates courage — a useful skill in many occupations. It definitely alters the interview dynamic, and the answer will be revealing: someone who says there is nothing frustrating about their job is almost certainly lying.

How would you answer the question for your workplace, and would you be willing to ask it in a job interview?

The 1 Most Impressive Job Interview Question to Ask [LinkedIn via Business Insider]


    The relentless tides of stupidity which slowly but surely erode the will to live from all but the most deluded of our employees.

    No - wouldn't ask. The devil you know is overrated.

    Yeah... I know I need a new job.

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