Killer Interview Question: What Was Missing In Your Last Job?

Another addition to the killer interview questions collection: What was missing in your last job?

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Chau Nguyen, the CEO of student discount provider Campus Special, says that asking someone to identify the missing elements from their former job is a useful way of working out if they're a good cultural fit. As he explained to Business Insider:

After a few rounds of interviews I'll ask in the final interview, 'What do you think was missing in your last job, and based off what you've seen over the last few interviews, why do you think you'll find it here?''

While the question isn't an open invitation to whine, it does offer an opportunity to identify issues you'd like to see handled differently with your potential new employer. How would you answer the question?

[Business Insider]


    A very clever question. Tough to answer.

      This doesn't seem like an invitation to whine so much as an invitation to kiss ass; it could just as easily be rephrased as "Please tell us why we're better than your last employer", which seems like a far easier question to bullshit your way through.

    Why to amateur interviewers keep on asking dumb questions? The obvious answer here is something like a content free "insufficient challenge"; and "I think this company is better because better technology/products/leadership/market position/public profile... take your pick.

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