Instagram's Snapchat Clone Bolt Now Available In Australia

Addicted to Instagram and fancy some Snapchat-style temporary photo sharing? Instagram's Snapchat clone Bolt, which launched in a limited release for the UK, New Zealand and Singapore last month, is now available in Australia as well.

Bolt works on both iOS and Android, though it relies on your phone number to set up the account (so it's not much use on a tablet). You can send photos and captions to anyone on your friends list — once you swipe away the message, it's gone. As ever, don't assume that means the picture has disappeared permanently — screen capture technology means it may well be preserved, so think carefully before sharing pictures of your private parts.

Bolt [Google Play]

Bolt [iTunes App Store]


    You can actually link it to your tablet. You register it with your phone number and the verification code it will work on alternate devices.

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