Ask LH: What’s The Best App When You’re Looking For A Job?

Ask LH: What’s The Best App When You’re Looking For A Job?

Hey Lifehacker, So I’m thinking of looking for a new job, and I want to use my iPhone. Here is my question: what is the best single app to use for such a purpose? Do I need to install multiple apps so I can find the “perfect” job? Thanks, App-licant

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Dear App-licant,

We’d love readers to sound in with their own suggestions, but we think the broad answer is clear: there is no single app that is going to guarantee you will find the perfect job. Indeed, if you restrict yourself purely to jobs that are advertised, you’re going to miss out on some opportunities. Using a single app will definitely restrict you. Even if you’re only casually searching, you need to spread your net widely.

If you just want to browse for jobs, there are plenty of apps and associated sites that you can install: Seek, My Career, CareerOne and Indeed are all worth checking out. For general visibility, installing LinkedIn and keeping your profile up to date is also sensible.

Over time, it may become clear to you that jobs that interest you appear more on some sites and apps than others. But at the beginning of the process, there’s no point in restricting yourself arbitrarily.


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  • Frustrating wouldn’t it be good to see stats as to who searches where for each industry ? Ummm . And same as to recruiters best return on their advert investment ? Recruiters are selling – You ..employers advertise directly for -well – you – what vehicle works better for employers ? now “Networking” – the truth in that pudding is a whole other story ! Employed employees referring to their employer is not as leveraged as you believe… Now where and how to get those stats –

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