Vodafone Is Offering Temporary Unlimited Data So You Can Work Out How Much You Actually Need

If you don't carefully track your data usage, you can easily end up paying for a phone plan that has more data than you actually need. Vodafone is offering a workaround of sorts with its new Data Workout option, which lets you essentially use unlimited data for the first two months so you can calculate your needs.

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This is quite a neat idea, though the downside is that you still have to sign up for a 12 or 24 month contract. We're firmly of the belief that a prepaid plan is often better value. Telstra launched a slightly similar offering recently, offering 25GB extra in the first month to help you set up a new device.

Vodafone is also adding an option for automated data top-ups: if you set this up, whenever you exceed your allowance you'll automatically be charged $10 and given an extra 1GB. This is similar to the approach Optus introduced last year, with one key difference: Optus does this automatically, while Vodafone is opt-in. We think the latter is a better approach.


    Problem with this is, people will think "Great unlimited for 2 months, go nuts!"

    I like the idea of getting extra data the first month for installing all the new apps and setting up the new phone. Brilliant.

    No need to have more than 10GB or unlimited adata access unless you frequently download videos, movies or streaming HD movies. Using your smartphone to download few apps, use Twitter, send emails, Facebook and browse the web, you are unlikely to go over 1-2GB. If you use your phone to listen or stream music online and video and use it to upload photo and share it with your friend 2GB or more is enough.

    Second month in with new iPhone 5s I have exceeded my 4gig and am on the extra 3gig data workout allowance (yes 3gig it's not unlimited) - I am upto 6.07gig data used and have 8 days to go. I do run a small business sending photos, emails, watch YouTube, download apps 8-10 hours a day the rest is on wifi. With today's good speeds and hungry internet usage it's not hard at all to use 4 gig of cellular data. I will definelty opt in for auto 1gig add on's. My partner went 500meg over and it was bloody $50-$60 - crazy

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