Keep A Shoe Tongue In Place By Looping Laces Back Through It

Do the tongues of your sneakers slip to one side as you run? There’s usually a loop on the tongue for your laces to prevent that, but it often doesn’t work. The solution is to loop the laces backwards.

As YouTube user Jared Ning shows, you would normally put your laces through one side and out the other, and then put it through the eyelet on the other side. Ning suggests using the eyelet on the side you started, thus creating a backward loop. Do this on both sides of the lace and knot it up. The Ian Knot is the fastest way to do that. Your shoe tongue will stay firmly in place.

In case your tongue doesn’t have a loop already, you could easily stitch one on, or maybe even use Sugru. It’s good enough to fix your shoes and even your shoelace tips.

Keep shoe tongue from sliding [jared ning via Reddit]


  • That is just pure brilliance. How is this not common knowledge already?

    I have tried different lacing techniques (some discussed here on lifehacker already) but this, is so simple yet so effective.

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