Repair Frayed Shoe Laces With Glue And Toothpaste

If you’re rough on your shoes, then you’ve probably destroyed your share of laces by cracking the plastic around the tip and causing it to fray. Once this happens, it’s a pain to rethread the lace. Instructables user lllshreelll shares a simple way to repair the frayed laces with nothing but glue, thread and toothpaste.

Start by dabbing the frayed shoelace tip in the glue, and then wrap a small piece of thread tightly around it. Let the thread dry for 10 minutes, and then coat it in toothpaste. The toothpaste seals everything together and, according to lllshreelll, it’s a pretty durable fix.

Quick, Cheap, and Easy fix for frayed laces [Instructables]


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