Google Australia Boss: Working For Google Is A Culture Shock

Working at Google is something many a geek aspires to, and the job has lots of perks (free food, impressive benefits, share options, the list goes on). But it's also a big shock if you're used to a more conventional employer, as the company's Australian managing director discovered.

Picture: CeBIT Australia

Speaking at Google's Atmosphere event in Sydney today, Maile Carnegie described how she had found working at Google in the year since she took the top job. Previously, Carnegie was employed by consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble (the picture above dates from that period), and she said one of the most frequent questions she is asked is how the two differ.

I've gone from a 175-year-old dinosaur into a 15-year-old adolescent . . . The biggest change is the culture, and one of the most fundamental parts of that culture is the tech and tools available for me. The level of collaboration, the agility, are just mind-blowingly different to what I had at P&G.

Presumably there's not as many free toothbrushes at Google, but it seems an improvement overall.


    Agreed, this doesn't actually explain why it is so different. A link to the speech or a transcript of the speech would be helpful.

    is this it, THIS is the "Article" ?

    no link to a more in-depth source with a full interview... nothing ?

    a single comment she apparently made (can't verify of course, because no source) is enough to justify an article ?

    Bloody hell Lifehacker.
    How does an article like this get approved?
    Give us something that is worth the advertising dollars we are giving you by clicking this link.

    Kotaku/Giz/Lifehacker articles have been going really downhill over the last few months.

      lol @ Gaz.
      Change 'few' to 'many', aye?

      Luckily you haven't been exposed to Diaz... or have you?!

    This could have been tweeted in less than 140 characters better.

    About average for the site, I think

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