Google Keeps Paying Staff After They Die

Google's staff perks (like free food and 20 per cent of their working hours allowed for their own projects) are well-known, but this is an utter doozy: if a Google staff member dies, their partner will receive half their salary for the following ten years. That's a really powerful incentive not to go and work for the competition.

In an interview with Forbes, Google's chief people officer Laszlo Bock revealed that if an employee dies, half their salary will be paid to their surviving partner over the next ten years (in the form of an annual cheque). Any children from that relationship will receive $1,000 a month until they turn 19, or 23 if they continue studying. Even more remarkably, the death benefit applies no matter how long you have worked at Google.

Unfortunately for Australian workers, that perk doesn't appear to extend outside the US (though plenty of local Googlers I've known have ended up working in the US operation anyway). While costly, it's clearly an effective way of creating staff loyalty.

Here's What Happens To Google Employees When They Die [Forbes]


    I guess they don't have death and TPD insurance in the US then? Many Aussies get it automatically with their super.

      super works very differently in the US, and from everything ive heard (i am in no way an expert on US employment law), it is not anywhere near as good as what we get in Aus

    A few years ago, WalMart was caught calculating which of their employees were most likely to die and taking out life insurance policies on them. They weren't paying any of the money to the family, just keeping it for themselves as profit. Maybe Google is doing something similar? Just sayin.

      but wallmart was doing this in secret, and not telling the employees or their families. Google is obviously telling people about this so they can easily be held to the commitment

        Laughed hard at this. Thanks bro.

      What? No, This is about them giving money to the family, this is in no way similar too Walmart.
      The only "similar" thing would be if they took out life insurance policies, but that's not what it sounds like you're suggesting.

    If you die when working for Apple, they will, apparently, scrape your remains off the pavement.

      They also take back any Apple property you may have in your home. With warrants.

    When I worked for Compaq in the UK we had the option of paying a small fee for an insurance policy which payed 80% of salary (I think, may have been a bit less) until the time you would have reached retirement age (65) if you died. That was 12 years ago though, you'd probably have to pay half your salary to get something like that these days.

      I work for a mid-sized financial company in Australia and they have this as a standard part of the employment package. It's called Salary Continuance and all employees are eligible regardless of age or health. 80% salary paid until 65 years of age.
      If I recall correctly, I just had to be through my probation period before it 'kicked in'.

    Thing is though, Google do so much for us and for their staff with no gain other than some minor anonymous data tracking for ad choices.I'd like to take my tin foil hat off and say a big f*cking thank you to the company that has charged me nothing for great internet, map and phone and tablet experience. Rock on

      While one can point the finger at google for a few what are you doing with all this data issues, they really do step up to the mark in regard to providing top notch stuff for customers and employees.

      What you just did was insult those who dare to question the ulterior motives of data mining companies by saying they wear "tin foil hat"s. Sure, I love the benefit of the search engine. However google, yahoo and others have spent a decade trying to coax me into giving out my real name, address, phone number, credit card, DOB and other private information, by offering phony services that have plus features for all the fools who claim their life is "an open book" and they have "nothing to hide" as if to say it's all about who has something to hide. Wrong. It's besides the point. It's about snoopy, stalkerish type companies that track everything.

      It's these ding bats that make up the masses, which in turn create the pressure for smarter people to eventually need to give up their info. Facebook is just the newest iteration created when they realized that people are stupid "dumb f*cks", just as the CEO of FB said. He's right. When you talk to your friends, the software wants to know the relationship. That is, are you a son, daughter, mother, father, sister, brother, cousin and so on. If you try to change them all to just friends, Facebook will not let you because it will write a message to every one on your list asking for verification. The logic here is some people just get offended. So it forces people to give out info, just to "talk" or exchange pictures. Bottom line, NOBODY is on the internet to give you anything out of the goodness of their hearts. Yet you act thankful, as if they do because their entry level search engine, aka "the BAIT" lured you in. You also mention tablet. While there are plenty of better tablets than say apple's, I'd also go out on a limb and bet you're one of the ones that thank steve jobs and apple for their phony presentation of "technology" which is inferior to many other companies. But if not, I apologize.

      However, I'm not going to thank google for something they never tried to give me out of some "friendship" offering. No. They tried to lure me in because serving advertisements is profitable. They are also the jerks that drove by MY HOUSE and took pictures so they could post them on the internet with their "streetview" service without asking me. Had I taken pictures of the CEO's home and posted them all over the internet before this service started up, he'd have a team of lawyers on my hide claiming it was wrong to do so.

      What's next? Yahoo and other services are working to LOCK YOU OUT OF YOUR EMAIL by slowly pretending they are helping you remember how to get back in. What's that you say? They will offer to take down your personal phone number, or cell, so they can help you get back in, in the event you lose your pass word. They claim this helps to prevent you from being locked out. Now watch and see what happens within a year or so. The "nice friendly" companies you're praising will then start to demand you give that info out, or you won't be able to log into your account that's supposedly "free". In fact it's already happening with youtube (owned by google), yahoo who are partnered with google etc. They figure if someone keeps an account for years, the strategy is to force them to give up their home phone number by holding their account hostage. So if you wrote personal notes to your self (they have a note app), you lose them all unless you forfeit your number. Yeah, real nice. And we should thank them right? Instead, we should all band together to complain and not comply with this invasion of privacy. But thanks to people who just don't care, the smarter people have to just let go of their accounts, which were once, by the way, free to those who didn't want to advanced services. Next time you talk about tin foil hats, maybe you should think a little bit. It's one thing to be happy about some technology such as a search engine, but when you start insulting those who question it by saying they have "tin foil hats", that's a bit much. -- cue the technology fanboys to attack me. Like I really care.

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    it sounds too me like another tool that google uses to scare people out of leaving

      Of course, they could just not do it at all.... which means there's no incentive to begin with.

    Just how many people does google employ in Australia, and how much of physical presence do they have?

    Damn you...Google.

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