Game Of Thrones S4 Is Finally On iTunes In Australia

Game Of Thrones S4 Is Finally On iTunes In Australia

It was the big Game of Thrones complaint for 2014: you couldn’t buy episodes of Season 4 on iTunes in Australia. Panic no more, Apple lovers: it’s finally available.

The pricing on iTunes is the same as on Google Play: $32.99 for the whole season (including extras) or $3.49 per episode (for HD copies; SD is $27.99 for the season or $2.49 per episode).

So if you want a legal copy and prefer your entertainment in the iTunes world, go forth and download. If you’re not tied to Apple, there are lots of other legal options. If you’d prefer hi-def physical media, you’ll have to wait until early 2015.

Game Of Thrones S4 [iTunes Store]


  • Just a tad late. Any fans of the show would’ve already watched it using other means.

    • A tad late yes, but this is one fan who held out and didn’t download. Saying that I have read the books, so know the story line anyway. Currently downloading on iTunes..

    • And it’s been legally available for purchase by other means for ages. Apple didn’t want to pay up. Other companies like Google did pay up to access to the show as soon as it finished airing on TV

  • Bought it through Google Play in HD over a month ago. Watched through Chromecast either via phone or iPad.

  • If people want it be made available here on time, they need to boycott these media to send a message.

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