Dietbet Puts Your Money Where Your Mouth Is, With Friends

A little social support goes a long way towards making positive changes, but putting something on the line helps too. Dietbet does both and lets you combine your efforts with friends. You put some money into the collective pot, everyone commits to a goal and a period of time to complete it, and the people who make the goal split the pot.

Dietbet has already proved itself to be successful. Many of the pots have tens of thousands of dollars in them, with groups of thousands or dozens working together to all reach their weight loss goals. The video above is a good primer to how the service works. From the outset, you search for a group and check their timetable to see if it's something you can reasonably work with. If it is, you can join a game and contribute your share to the pot. (If not, you can always start your own game and invite your friends.)

Right now, the service has two "games" you can join — a four-week course where you commit to losing 4 per cent of your starting weight, and a six-month course that's more involved where you aim to lose 10 per cent of your starting weight. The six-month course comes with its own challenges and prizes as you continue to keep your motivation up. Combined with the social aspect, where you both compete with and support everyone, it can be a great tool to help you make some positive changes and stick to them — even if you don't win any money. Hit the link below to learn more.



    I've won a 4% challenge, and I put that 4% back on as quickly as I lost it.

    I think that 4% has been carefully calculated to make for an interesting game, but as a weightloss plan, it is really a bad idea.

    10% over 6 months, however, seems a lot more reasonable and useful, but probably not as interesting as a game. I may give that a go, though.

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