This Spreadsheet Is A Definitive Guide To Springpad Alternatives

This Spreadsheet Is a Definitive Guide to Springpad Alternatives

If you're as sad as I am that Springpad is shutting down, you're probably looking around for alternatives that don't necessarily end in "note". This spreadsheet, put together by members of the Springpad Google+ Community, is packed with alternatives, organised by features, usability and more.

The spreadsheet is currently about 75 entries long (give or take) and packed with suggestions from big companies that you know already to smaller, independent labours of love that you might consider supporting by signing up. They're all organised with a complete description of the service, what their current revenue model is (so you can judge whether or not it will shut down on you), a score for how easy the service is to use, and available platforms and mobile apps. It's easily filtered based on specific features, including the ability to clip items right from the web, store bookmarks and support for images.

We mentioned already that Springpad is making it easy for users to migrate quickly to Evernote and Pocket, but those aren't the only services that can make use of the data from Springpad's export tool. With luck, you'll find a solid replacement. Hit the link below to take a look, or to head over to the Springpad Google+ community and see where people are headed.

Springpad Alternatives (Google Drive) [via Springpad Springboard]


    At we have been happy to welcome our first 400 Springpad users already. The import went smooth so far and we look forward to welcoming many more, as this is a very special group of knowledge curators, who are bringing us a lot of great feed-back and new life to our community. Greetings from Copenhagen, Denmark.

    Lise-Lotte, Community manager. memit.

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