Sleep Cycle Arrives On Android To Wake You Refreshed And Well-Rested

Sleep Cycle Arrives on Android to Wake You Refreshed and Well-Rested

Android: Popular sleep tracking app, Sleep Cycle, was previously only available on iOS. Today, Sleep Cycle has rolled out to Android users too, many of whom could benefit from a better night's sleep.

The app is designed to track your sleep movements (using your phone's accelerometer) and know when you're in the deep or light phase of sleep. It will then start to gently wake you up around your desired wake up time, based on your sleep cycles. So instead of being interrupted in the middle of your sleep cycle, causing you to be groggy and unhappy, the app intelligently wakes you up at the optimal time — something regular alarm clocks can't do.

Sleep Time Alarm for Android is similar and free, but if you find that app (or others like it) haven't worked for you, the $2 investment in Sleep Cycle (the best rated sleep app for iOS) might be worth a try.

Sleep Cycle ($2) [Google Play via Android Central]


    This app has been great during the World Cup, I set the alarm for the 5am kick off and it gently wakes me up between 4.30 and 5 and I'm straight out of bed!

    so you need to be touching this phone so it knows your cycle by recording your cycle. even if its on airplane mode, its still releasing waves of frequency -100db + in airplane mode. still interrupts your sleeping!

    the Amigo is something to look out for it has just started full filling its kick starter initials and its gone well. so 1 real batch not too far away~!

    When I was on Android a couple of years back I was using the paid/unlock version of Sleep As Android and thought it was far and away the best sleep tracker app across any mobile platform. Two killer features for me that no other app had were:
    1) the ability to manually edit a sleep session's start/end time (useful when you didn't fall asleep for a while) or manually create a session where you forgot to activate it (so your average stats don't get messed up)
    2) the bedtime notification which, based on your alarm time and your desired hours of nightly sleep, would remind you x minutes before you should turn in so you get enough sleep.

    Since moving to iOS I haven't found an app with similar functionality, but there are still better ones than Sleep Cycle. I find Sleep Time by Azumio provides better metrics/data, I prefer the interface and aesthetics, and it shares data with fitness tracker/aggregator app Argus (also by Azumio)

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