Sleep Time Alarm Clock Wakes You Gently

Android: Did you wake up this morning feeling awful, even though you got plenty of sleep the night before? You may have woken at the deep end of your sleep schedule. Sleep Time Alarm Clock is a free app for Android that will make sure that doesn't happen again.

Sleep Time is the most advanced sleep tracking app for Android we've seen. The app sits in bed with you (so make room!) and uses your phone's accelerometer to detect your movement over the course of the night. It then charts that movement to determine which phase of your sleep cycle you're in at what time of night.

You can use it just to analyse your sleeping patterns and movements, but it really shines when you set an alarm. The app will wake you at the lightest part of your sleep cycle, so you don't want up feeling ripped out of a deep sleep. If the app detects you'll be in a deep sleep at your alarm time, it will wake you a little sooner so you don't feel groggy when it's time to get up.

Granted, Sleep Time can't compete with some of the more high tech methods we've covered, but for the low price of free, it's worth a try.

Sleep Time - Alarm Clock [Google Play via Android Police]


    Having your phone in the bed with you will upset your sleep cycle because of its electromagnetic field (it's small, but it's enough).

      Source? There are electromagnetic fields everywhere it's possible to receive wireless internet, phone, or radio, so I'm sceptical that having your phone next to you would make much difference. I'd be more concerned about waking up with it digging into my side.

      if this is true, then in my experience this is well outweighed by the feeling you have when you wake up out of the light part of your cycle.

      i've recommended similar sleep cycle apps to friends and every single one was reported positive results and woken up feeling great.

    Sadly, any of these that work on accelerometers don't work properly if you're sharing a bed with someone.

      Not a problem : (

    This sounds really interesting, but I couldn't sleep with my phone. I don't know about the magnetic field, but I don't think it's good practise to spend a lot of time with anything emitting radiation or anything like that.

    Maybe not radiation but you know what I mean. Invisible rays= possibly not good for future health. I even swap the pockets I carry my phone in, so it's not constantly all beaming into the same part of my body. Call me paranoid.


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