Android Control Lets You Use Your Handset Even With A Broken Screen

Android Control Lets You Use Your Handset Even With A Broken Screen

Android: The time may come when you end up with a smashed screen on your phone or tablet. Android Control enables you to operate your device from Windows so you can back up data even if the screen doesn’t work.

XDA Forum Member k.janku1 made this free tool that can be used on rooted and non-rooted Android devices alike. The setup process is entirely automated, and the only requirement is that you have USB debugging mode enabled and ADB installed. With pre-ICS devices go to Settings > Applications > Development and check USB Debugging. If you have ICS installed go to Settings > Developer, enable developer options, then enable USB debugging. With Jelly Bean or later, go to Settings > About Phone, tap Build Number seven times, tap back and select the new Developer options item, and enable USB debugging.

You also need to install ADB on your computer and then you’re ready to go. Grab yourself a copy of Android Screen from the shared Google Drive folder and then run it on your computer. Connect your phone or tablet to your computer and your Android’s screen will pop up regardless of the physical condition of the display — there’s no configuration involved.

You can use the on-screen controls and keyboard to launch apps. This gives you the chance to backup any data that you have not already stored in the cloud. There are built in buttons to reboot your Android, to access recovery mode and to disable pattern lock.

Android Screen [XDA Developers via XDA Developers Blog]


  • a much better way is to buy a USB host adapter for $1 off ebay with free shipping – then use a pc mouse.

      • It’s good if your touchscreen doesnt work but you can still see the screen. A mouse cursor will appear on your phone screen. I’ve also used it to get past the lockscreen when I can’t see or use the screen.

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