Vysor Controls Your Android Phone From Chrome, No Android App Necessary

Chrome: There are a variety of ways to remotely control your Android phone. Vysor — from ClockworkMod, the developer behind other popular Android apps like AllCast, Helium and ROM Manager — may be one of the simplest solutions yet. All you need is a Chrome app.

Vysor works by remotely controlling your phone via ADB (you can check out the easiest way to install ADB on each platform here). The Chrome app will automatically detect any ADB-enabled device connected to your computer. Simply select your device and it will display your phone's entire screen on your computer.

In order to set up ADB access on your phone, follow these steps:

  1. Open your phone's settings and navigate to

    "About phone".

  2. Tap several times on "Build number" until a toast notification pops up saying you are now a developer.
  3. Navigate to "Developer options" in your Settings app.
  4. Enable USB debugging.

That's all you need to do on the Android side of things. You don't need to have an app installed, or give it any escalated access like you do with some other remote control apps. Vysor is still in beta, so it's got a few bugs, but so far it's already working pretty well.

Vysor [Chrome Web Store via Android Police]


    I've been using this for a couple of days now and it's really awesome. Been playing word brain from the comfort of my desktop.

    The only gripe I have is that it drains the battery faster than it's charging, which I don't really think much can be done about.

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