There Will Always Be Someone Younger Than You Doing It Better

There Will Always Be Someone Younger Than You Doing It Better

And that's OK. No matter what stage you are in life or how sensitive you are about your age, there will come a time when you realise, damn that kid's much better or farther along than I am.

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Rebekah Campbell notes in the New York Times that no matter what she does there's a 27-year-old doing it better. The age doesn't actually matter; someone a decade older than you outpacing you on the track field is going to sting too.

The point, whether it's age or some other criteria, is that comparisons are often superficial, and someone else will inevitably be better than you. Jealousy is a tough beast to tame, but if you know who you are and what's important (and that there's no winning to this game), as Campbell advises, you can find a little more peace — while maintaining the competitiveness that keeps you going.

Heck, there are three-year-olds in Mensa now putting us all to shame.

No Matter What I Do, There's Always a 27-Year-Old Doing It Better [New York Times]


    (and that there’s no winning to this game)In this current economy... and let's face it, it's not going to get better, once you reach a certain age, there is a very high chance you will become redundant if you can't keep up with the younger employees. Pretending that it's Ok to be slower or not quite as efficient as you used to be, isn't going to help you at all. You either keep up or you're gone, it's the law of the jungle. Which is why upping the retirement age to 70 is a friggin joke...! People who should be on the pension they worked all their life for, will be on the dole, and under pressure... making it more likely that they will succumb to that pressure... or mabe that's Abott's plan...?

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    There are always younger ones who can do certain things better (not everything).
    When you have a life of experience on your side quite often the tables are turned.
    Learn to use your life experiences and couple it with the zeal of a 27 year old.
    As far as the body goes athletic performance is starting to slow down from about 30.

    It's amusing to think that in 10 years time or less everyone working in Macca's will be over 65 as they will be cheaper to employ than teenagers!

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