Sunrise, The Smart Calendar, Is Now Available For Android And The Web

Android/Chrome/Web: Sunrise, our favourite calendar app for the iPhone, just made the jump to Android, and it’s bringing all of its best features along for the ride. Sunrise is also adding a webapp designed to give you a productive view of your day.

All of the features that made Sunrise a hit on the iPhone and iPad have made it to Android: support for multiple Google calendars, support for meetings and contacts in multiple time zones, Facebook events and birthdays on the same calendar, local weather reports and other useful information, information pulled from your Google contacts, LinkedIn contacts, and Facebook friends, and support for iCloud calendars (Exchange support is promised in a future release)

Similarly, Sunrise lets you add events and reminders in plain language, so you don’t have to format the date or time properly — “Lunch with Whitson tomorrow at 2pm” will populate correctly, and if you add a location for your meeting, Sunrise will use Google Maps to add in relevant information and provide directions when it’s time for the meeting.

In addition to the Android app, the Sunrise team has also unveiled webapp, which has all of the same great features (the webapp prompts you for your location to add things like sunrise/sunset and weather information.) If you’re a heavy Chrome user and would prefer a Chrome app, there’s also a new Chrome extension. Hit the links below to give it a whirl.

Sunrise (Free) [Google Play]

Sunrise (Free) [Chrome Web Store] Sunrise Webapp via Sunrise


    • I’m reading:

      with all the features of Google calendar brought to iOS, Sunrise now brings these features to Andriod in an app which duplicates what you already have, and at no extra cost.

  • What does a Hyundai do that a Ferrari does not? I won’t expand on that.

    I do like the calendar interface although it seems to lack a ‘month view’. I can get most of month on the screen but its not particularly useful without any indication of what days have things on (and like I alluded to you can’t get a full month up because its limited to 4 lines as far as I can tell). That said, I probably don’t use a full month view that often but I feel like I miss it, perhaps just when I’m planning what day to do something on later in the month.
    The widget looks nice but wish it was more configurable. I like to have the calender full screen width, 2 rows (which I can do) but the widget only shows 2 events at this size compared to neat calender which I use which will show 4 at this size.

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