Sunrise Starts Your Day With An Email Digest Of Events And Appointments

Sunrise is a new web service that sends you an email every morning to help you prepare for the day ahead. It tells you about friends' birthdays, your calendar appointments, and even information about who will be in meetings with you.

Sunrise requires you to log in with Facebook and authorise Google Calendar via OAuth; the service uses Facebook for authentication and to retrieve data about birthdays and events, but it promises to never post on your behalf. Sunrise supports multiple Google Accounts, and you can connect Sunrise with LinkedIn to pull in data about people in your meetings. Once you're set up, the service will send you your first Sunrise digest the next morning with details of the day ahead.

The service's access requirements may be enough to turn some people off, but if you wish you had a one-page agenda to look at every morning that tells you where you're supposed to be, who you're supposed to meet, and who is celebrating a birthday, then Sunrise could be all you need.

Sunrise [via The Next Web]


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