Make Dishes Better With A Dash Of Sour Flavours

Make Dishes Better With A Dash Of Sour Flavours

Peanut butter and jam. Strawberries and chocolate. Bacon and anything. Some food combinations are just meant to be. Esteemed chef Thomas Keller offers six tips for food synergy, including adding sourness to “bowl foods”.

Since food that’s made in a big pot and served in bowls (such as stews and soups) tends to be rich, a few drops of vinegar will make the dish even better. As we mentioned when discussing how to use flavour combinations to make better dishes, sour flavours such as vinegar and citrus fruit tend to brighten a dish, giving it extra “oomph”. It can also correct foods that are too sweet, spicy or bland.

The other flavour pairings from Keller are well known, but it’s still a good reminder to think of matching flavours when putting together any dish.

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