How To Disable The Built-In PDF Viewer In Chrome And Firefox

How to Disable the Built-In PDF Viewer In Chrome and Firefox

The built-in viewers in the Chrome web browser and Mozilla Firefox are convenient because you don't need to install another program to view PDFs. However, if you prefer using an external reader, you can disable the browser viewers.

In Firefox, go to Options > Applications, then find "Portable Document Format (PDF)" and click on the drop-down menu to choose an option other than Firefox.

In Chrome, enter, "chrome:plugins" in the address bar, then click the Disable link under the "Chrome PDF Viewer" plugin entry.

How to disable the internal PDF reader in Firefox and Chrome [gHacks]


    Ah that is good to know. Firefox's pdf viewing plugin is convenient and all, however it does a poor job in displaying pdfs correctly, especially with fonts and transparent objects. The amount of time wasted sending proofs to clients who then yelled at me for not having designed to specification or branding, and then me having to try and calm them down and tell them to download Acrobat to view it correctly is the bane of my existence :/

    If you use Chrome, and install Foxit PDF, the installation takes care of all the settings.

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