Firefox Finally Adds A Built-in PDF Viewer With The Latest Update

Firefox users, the wait is finally over. Now you can read PDFs in the browser without needing a plugin. Firefox 19 also adds startup performance improvements, new features for developers and the usual bug fixes.

The built-in PDF viewer is the most noteworthy change. You can work with PDFs opened in Firefox's tabs like you can with other PDF apps (and in Chrome): change the size view, search within the document, see page thumbnails, print and save to disk. You can also bookmark the PDF in Firefox.

The update is available now for Windows, Mac and Linux. See the whole changelog or download Firefox 19 from the link below.

Firefox 19 Release Notes [Mozilla]


    firefox ftw

    Can you turn it off? I've always preferred reading PDFs in a separate app and disable any plug-ins that do it in the browser.

      Yes: Firefox Menu (or Tools from the menubar) > Options > Applications, search for PDF and change from "Preview in Firefox" to whatever else.

    Does it still download the PDF files to my downloads folder before I am able to read them on my screen?
    My downloads folder is currently chockers with junk PDF's that I never wanted to download in the first place!

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