Nitro PDF Updates With Browser Integration, Faster PDF Creation

Windows: Nitro Reader has been my favourite PDF software ever since it first launched last year: it's leaner and easier to update than Adobe Reader, doesn't feature ads or upgrade nags, and lets you edit and annotate PDF files. Version 2 of the package, just released, dumps the "beta" tag, speeds up PDF creation and adds browser integration so you can see PDF files directly in your browser.

I can't say I missed having a browser add-in from the original version: Chrome users already have a basic PDF viewer built-in, and having PDFs launch inside the actual Nitro software seemed better to me than doing so in a memory-hungry browser. However, if you do want the option, it now works with Chrome, Firefox and IE.

Beyond that, Nitro retains its familiar and useful tools: easy addition of signatures to documents, extraction of included images, and a Ribbon-style interface. For Windows users, it remains easily the top choice for free PDF software. Nitro Reader is a free download for Windows systems.

Nitro Reader


    Howabout Sumatra PDF? Its extremely slim and simple and super quick. Doesnt include any 'tools' But it's a reader after all.

    “if you do want the option, it now works with Chrome, Firefox and IE.
    ”Great.I will tri it to see if it supports my Avant browser.

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