Avoid Memory Card Corruption With Proper Formatting And Camera Usage

Avoid Memory Card Corruption With Proper Formatting And Camera Usage

It’s every photo-taker’s nightmare: After taking loads of precious pictures, your memory card is completely toasted. Digital Photography School offers several tips for reducing the likelihood of memory card corruption.

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Formatting your new card before you use it is one of the most important ones. Even if the card says it’s pre-formatted or ready for use, there’s a chance it wasn’t or might not work with your camera.

Additionally, when snapping away, make sure your don’t fill the card up completely or let your camera battery die. Either of these could cause write errors and possibly corrupt the whole card.

Check out the article below for more memory card maintenance tips.

How to Keep Your Memory Cards Healthy [Digital Photography School]


  • Surprised you missed out a very important one here that happened to me last week:


    Make sure your memory card can handle high temperatures. In mobile phones, the battery can exponentially increase the phones temperature, corrupting cheap memorycards. I was videoing my mates headshaving the other week for some fundraising. After 5 minutes it got REALLY hot. Unfortunately all photos and footage went 100% corrupt on the card. Turns out the cheapie card was not temperature proof. A lot of the higher quality cards *are* however. Check the pack to see if it is first. If it’s not temperature proof, *do not use* the memory card, you will regret it. If your card is losing mp3’s in your phone, camera photos etc, then this is likely the cause why.

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