What To Do When You've Just Busted Your Camera

You've just dropped your camera—on the pavement, into a pool, or smack-dab onto something else. You'll be grief-stricken at the thought of paying for another camera. Aargh!

Picture byniXerKG. Keep calm, and make a few smart moves right away: find all the parts, remove the battery immediately to prevent moving parts from going wonky, nab your storage card right away, and don't try to fix it yourself, unless you're completely sure of what you're doing—and even then. Hit the link at Digital Photography School for more thoughts.

Digital Photography School


    "What To Do When You’ve Just Busted Your Camera"
    You mean besides cry!! :(

    I broke the selection wheel on my Fuji about a year ago - luckily it was set to Automatic. Maybe I'll finally get it fixed. I'm sure the part is only a few dollars.

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