The Floating Triple Monitor Workspace For Two

The Floating Triple Monitor Workspace for Two

It's a clean, white DIY workspace shared by two people. It's got three floating monitors. It's got a Hackintosh. And it's today's featured workspace.

Flickr user nltr8ner shares his sleek setup with us. Besides the clean look, I like the arrangement of the frames and objects above the monitors. Here's a view from the door showing the workspace is actually bigger than what you see above:

The Floating Triple Monitor Workspace for Two

If you have a workspace of your own to show off, share them with us by pinging us an email. If your clever organisation and good design sense catches our eye, you might be the next featured workspace.

Floating Triple Monitor Hackintosh Shared Workspace [Flickr]


    anyone able to tell me what wall mount he would be using?

      Not the answer you are hoping for, but I couldn't find anything when I wanted to mount my displays so I ended up getting one custom made. It wasn't too bad in the end cost wise, around $400, but that was with a few changes along the way -[email protected]/14871824913/

      This is mine from the front -[email protected]/14665318728/

      You could buy movable wall mounts, but for the weight I wanted to hold, I would have had to put them onto a reinforced bar anyway, so the cost was getting up there.

        that looks very nice. well done.

          Thanks skinja! I want to change to 3 curved displays, but can't justify at the moment!

    I hate replacing batteries - in keyboards and mice.
    I also work with: raspberry Pi, Beaglebone, HackRF, devkits, charge & sync Android & Iphone, etc.

    Put all that together, and you end up with a heck of a lot of USB cables and ports. A comprehensive Hackintosh build description would be nice, especially with a good description of cable management techniques [for all the devices I mentioned, plus the 3 monitors in the picture].

      logitech keyboard and mouse now have batteries going in parallel instead of series, so you get 1.5volts, but double the capacity and they will literally last over a year with every day usage.
      i use a Logitech MK710 keyboard and mouse at work everyday (im in IT), the mouse has the batteries in parallel, keyboard doesnt, but i havnt changed the batteries in almost 2 years at this point.

        Lucky you, to have such luxury at work. My work is a "secure" area - no WiFi or Bluetooth transmitters allowed. That goes for keyboards, mice, headsets, tablets, mobile phones, etc.

          geez. thats gotta get frustrating.

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